Bill & John were very helpful, great advice…Will use Able for future electrical work.

- Hugh H.,Mt. Aukum

Good follow up service

- Rodney C.,Placerville 12/2016

Thank you for helping us on such short notice

- Ray W.,Placerville

Thank you for everything – a beautiful job!

- Jen R.,Placerville 2/2017

Doug is wonderful, as is Nicole on the phone!

- Linda H.,Placerville 2/2017

Thank you for your emergency visit to our cabin.

- Steve L.,Kyburz 6/2017

3 electricians came to the job, John was outstanding, very polite, courteous and professional. The other two were on the same level as John but their names slip my mind.
Nicole was very easy to work with and a joy to talk to. Excellent representative for your company.

- Heather H.,Camino 4/2017

Traced and repaired non working kitchen outlet. Replaced stab lock receptacle with side wire receptacle and installed GFCI to protect kitchen outlets. 01/2017

- Clifton B.,Somerset

Doug was wonderful – fit me into busy schedule. From the first call with Nicole to the time of finished work, happy and thrilled. Keep up the great work

- Tami F.,Placerville 2/2017

Thank you so much for the extra followup.

- Lindberg Swim Club,Placerville 10/2016

Thank you – Good job!

- Teddy ,Shingle Springs 10/2016

Prefer an itemized bill.

Able response: Thank you for your comments. Normally our invoices on proposals are not itemized unless requested in advance.

- Susan S.,Placerville 11/2016

Enjoy working with your company.

- Michael Z.,Cameron Park 10/2016

Great work! Thanks so much!

- Lee W.,El Dorado Hills 11/2016

The young man’s name was John. He could not have been more professional and courteous.

- Barbara G.,Camino 9/2016

Nicole “scheduler” is very kind and patient.

- Pat E.,Placerville 10/2016

Doug and Daniel were great!

- Karin & Gordon,Camino 9/2016

John is the best electrician I’ve ever seen!

- Carl J.,Shingle Springs 9/2016

They did it again! Replaced another garage lamp set (they’re getting old) with a better set, and (since my doc said for me to not get on ladders) replaced the bulbs in the garage door openers, since none of them worked. Wait. It gets better. Found out that one was short-circuited and replaced the socket, in five minutes. Probably saved us a fire (if I did it.) I will never do any electric without Able Electric.

- Bill H.,Pollock Pines 11/2016

Don’t know what we would do without you – THANKS!

- Jim & Carla,Placerville 12/2016

Both men were kind and friendly. They told us what was wrong and fixed it in a short time. Great!

- Nancy N.,Shingle Springs 11/2016

John is great. Always does a good job. Thank you!

- Donna O.,Pollock Pines 1/2017

Traced and repaired nonwor king outlets in dining room, kitchen and garage. Replaced switches. 10/2016

John is very polite and nice.

- Don S.,Placerville 11/2016

John was great! And so was Nicole on the phone!

- Dave C.,Cameron Park 12/2016

Out of six guys that tried, you guys finally found the J-Box for us!

- Justine D.,Plymouth 11/2016

Very happy with service.

- Gary M.,Pollock Pines 11/2016

Problem solved! Thank you!

- Ed & Linda D.,Shingle Springs 1/2017

Beyond Happy! Please come back! Will pay for some new switches to be added:-)

- Gina V.,Pollock Pines 12/2016

Kudos to Doug. A terrific job – very professional – a big, complicated job.

- Robert M.,Shingle Springs 12/2016

He did everything I asked for and neatly!

- Elizabeth M.,Placerville 12/2016

John’s Great!! Perfect work!

- Robin R.,Placerville 1/2017

Doug was great!!:)

- Juliann E.,Camino 2/2017

John did great work!! Thank you guys so much. See you in the spring.

- Virgil H.,Camino 1/2017

Will be giving Able an “A” on Angie’s List.

- Jane G.,Camino 1/2017

We trust you. That’s a big deal!

- Betty M.,Cameron Park 1/2017

As always – Great job and great people!

- Linda M.,Placerville 1/2017

Excellent job!!

- Jerry M.,Shingle Springs 2/2017


- Suzy T.,Placerville 1/2017

Good work, provided information on condition of attic space.

- Tim J.,Cameron Park 3/2017

Your electrician was personable and professional.

- El Dorado County Foundation,Placerville 3/2017

We’ve used your company many times.

- Bill H.,Cameron Park 9/2016

Enjoyed working with everyone – John was great – Nicole fabulous!!

- Randy D.,Shingle Springs 11/2016

Always happy with service.

- Kim B.,Placerville 9/2016

John did a great job, just what I wanted.

- Ron K.,Pollock Pines 10/2016

Douglas showed up when you said he would and worked with me to get a great result.

- Jason B.,Fair Play 10/2016

Great work!

- Greg N.,Placerville 10/2016

Thanks for the safety information.

- Tim J.,Cameron Park 10/2016

John was knowledgeable and professional and explained all my questions while giving me options. Thank you!

- Hope S.,Placerville 10/2016

Will absolutely refer Able Electric. Thank you!

- Shannon B.,Placerville 10/2016

Yes! Will refer Able Electric!

- Steve H.,Camino 10/2016

I love you guys!

- Laurie L.,Placerville 9/2016

John did a great job! He was professional and very friendly.”

- Ken R.,Pollock Pines 4/2016

I thank you for coming out the day of “trouble.” Much appreciated.

- Marilyn A.,El Dorado 6/2016

Thanks for the help getting the hot tub hooked up so quickly!

- Larry I.,Placerville 6/2016

Very professional and quick. Another electrician could not fix the problem.

- Larry M.,Pollock Pines 6/2016

Appreciate John’s work and diligence in finding out what the problem(s) were.

- Ernie & Alyson K.,Pollock Pines 4/2016

Knowledgeable and fair $$.

- Norbert K.,El Dorado Hills 5/2016

Every electrician you have sent out has been great. No complaints.

- Pat W.,Placerville 6/2016

Sue was up front about what she did and did not know. She got answers and called me right back. And Sue
was pleasant to talk to also!

- Brenda C.,Diamond Springs 3/2016

Very satisfied with every aspect of the job! I highly recommend Able Electric.

- Julie M.,Shingle Springs 8/2016

Good job like always!

- Deborah & Mike,Pollock Pines 12/2015

Super Technician!

- Randy M.,Camino 7/2016

We appreciate John taking the time to show us what he did.

- Aaron & Lauren J.,Pollock Pines 5/2016

Doug is very personable and professional.

- Linda T.,Diamond Springs 7/2016

Great Service!

- Earl & Joanne M.,Camino 8/2016

John Arias was terrific!

- Robert S.,Placerville 1/2016

Jobs took longer than quoted and expected, so bill was higher than expected.

- Michelle H.,Cameron Park 7/2016

Always happy to do business with you…more to come.

- Lynne S.,Camino

Doug always does great work!

- James & Susan F.,El Dorado Hills 6/2016

John was great! Faster than I thought.

- Bill H.,Pollock Pines 7/2016

Looking forward to next time!

- Lynne S.,Camino 6/2016

I really appreciate John’s workmanship.

- Nickie W.,Camino 7/2016

Doug was very helpful!

- Donna H.,Placerville 4/2016

John is a nice guy and easy to work with.

- Virginia W.,Placerville 4/2016

Both Doug and Daniel were friendly, courteous, respectful of our home and did great work!

- Mike K.,Pollock Pines 4/2016

Always a pleasure doing business with you, especially love your receptionist! 🙂

- Katie,Pollock Pines 1/2018

Doug is the best – A+

- Steve & Jan S.,Pollock Pines 12/2017

John performed the job. Very good, called before and after & explained everything.

- Lillian V.,El Dorado Hills 1/2018

Send Doug to do future work and we’ll be happy.

- Patrick H.,Camino 12/2017

Outstanding customer service

- Barbara C.,Somerset 12/2017

The same electrician has been at my home before. He is very efficient and professional.

- Maria E.,Placerville 11/2017

Dear Bill,
Thanks so much for your visit Monday. I really appreciate your concerns and attention to details! Please also thank Doug, Nicole, and the rest of your team for such great work!

- Loren A.,Placerville 11/2017

I will recommend Able Electric to anyone who is in need of electrical work.

- Larry C.,El Dorado Hills 11/2017

I found the workman to be courteous, competent and professional.

- Brian D.,Placerville 12/2017

Thank you for the prompt service!

- Sierra Pacific Industries,Camino 6/17

John is great – finding GFCI receptacle was a challenge!

- D. Rogers,Pollock Pines 12/2017

Your company did a prior job for us and we are very happy with your work.

- Wayne R.,Garden Valley - 12/2017

Dear Bill, Nicole, Doug, Daniel and team,
Merry Christmas! And many thanks
We really thank you for all you have done for us this past year!

- Loren A.,Placerville 12/2017

Mr. Wyles was very professional and friendly (5 stars)!

- John H.,Placerville 10/2017

Thank you. And great job! I’ll certainly recommend you to friends and family when they might need services, and will be calling again when I’m ready to re-wire my whole garage!

- Kathy E.,Placerville 11/2017

Exceeded expectations in all categories. YAY JOHN

- Janet K.,Camino 10/17

Thank you so much for your wonderful electrician. He was very polite, incredibly efficient and knowledgeable. We will definitely be using Able Electric again, and recommending you to all our friends. I love this company and had such a positive experience. Thank ALL of you!!

- Rebecca E.,Placerville 10/17

We are always HAPPY! Everyone who works at Able is the best.

- Suzy & Wes T.,Placerville 9/2017

Always the best, smart and efficient

- Don S.,Placerville 09/2017

Doug did another great job for us…please thank him!!

- Loren A.,Placerville 9/2017

We couldn’t be happier! John was a great rep for you and so was Nicole.

- Bev/Bill B. ,Pollock Pines 9/2017

Do not let John Arias quit…EVER!!

- Carl J.,Shingle Springs 8/2017

I am very happy with the work completed and definitely will use your service again.

- Lia R. ,Placerville 9/2017

Thanks for fitting us in on a tight schedule. I was able to cook on my new stove the day it arrived.

- Joanne B.,Placerville 8/2017

Dear Doug and Nicole and team,
Thanks so much for completing our electrical system so well on such a hot day! We really appreciate your excellent knowledge and service!

- Loren A.,Placerville 7/2017

Very quick response to urgent request. Thank you!

- Keith B.,Pollock Pines 8/2017

Great customer service. Nicole is fantastic at her job. (fair price)

- Charlene A.,El Dorado Hills 9/2017

It’s nice to know we have a quality company when we need it!!

- Lee S.,Shingle Springs 7/2017

Outstanding work and customer service

- Ken P. ,Cameron Park 07/2017

You’re our go-to elec. co.

- Emily B.,Fiddletown 06/2017

I can always count on Doug to be professional and easy to work with!

- Cliff S.,Placerville 06/2017

My experience with Able Electric has always been very positive.

- Sammy V.,Pollock Pines 6/2017

The team did a great job!

- Garry S.,Placerville 6/2017

Timely response – great service

- Dave R.,Pollock Pines 4/2017

He was very efficient and punctual too!!

- Sandra D.,Placerville 4/2017

Very satisfied customer. Enjoyed working with everyone.

- Craig H.,Somerset 5/2017

Doug is personable, professional and takes pride in his work. Nicole is great to work with as well!

- Cliff S.,Placerville 5/2017

Daniel was great!

- Judy K. ,Shingle Springs 11/2016

I always use Bill for my electrical.

- Helen R.,Placerville 3/2017

Hello Nicole:
We just wanted to thank you guys for a great job. The guys that did the work were very professional and did excellent work. If my daughter needs any work done in the future, I will be sure to contact you. Thanks again

- Virgil H. ,Santee 4/2017

He went above and beyond repairing and grounding.

- Stephany N.,Shingle Springs 12/2017

Thanks for your GREAT service (Doug).

- Gary & Mary Lynn C.,Placerville 12/2017

Thanks Doug! You rock!

- Angie N.,Placerville 11/2017

Very efficient and very pleasant electrician.

- Fred & Leslie S.,Placerville 12/2017

Very pleased with electrician 🙂

- L. Kay T.,Placerville 12/2017

We enjoyed meeting John Arias & were happy with his work and attitude.

- Stephanie K. ,Camino 10/2017

John is great! As usual. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

- Bill & Pam H.,Pollock Pines 1/2018

I had an electrical emergency over the weekend and Bill at Able was the first to quickly call back. We discussed my issue over the phone and explained the weekend was considered overtime so I was concerned about cost.
Bill showed up on time and diagnosed the issue in less than a minute. Before he arrived he asked me to text pictures of my breaker box so he could have parts ready. This was a great idea because when he arrived he had the part needed to fix my problem. If he had to go get parts it would have cost me at least another hour.
Bill worked diligently and efficiently to solve my problem and I truly appreciated his efforts to ensure he was cost effective.

,Castro Valley 12/2016

Doug was great – couldn’t be happier

- Margaret R.,Placerville 1/2018

Great technician

- Vince P.,Pollock Pines 1/2018

Excellent customer service!

- Bev B.,Shingle Springs 2/2018

Ya all do good work; including the phone lady.

- Michael B.,Pollock Pines 2/2018

I love the new barn lights!

- Beth Z.,Placerville 2/2018

Explained everything in detail. Great service. Excellent work.

- Ron & Gail E.,Pollock Pines 2/2018

Excellent job, great employee. An asset to your team!

- Dave P.,Placerville 2/2018

Technician was polite, professional, experienced & ethical.

- Fred & Michele B.,Placerville 2/2018

All excellent! A most pleasant & charming person. If you ever need a recommendation for a job I would rank you 10 out of 10. Thank you

- Doris H.,Placerville 2/2018

Thank you so much for helping us out!

- Juliann& Richard E.,Camino 2/2018

Nice job! Excellent service

- Connie M.,Placerville 2/2018

Bill did a great job!

- Tom N.,Placerville 3/2018

John was very personable and professional.

- Susan N,Cameron Park 2/2018

John was great!

- Mike M.,Placerville 2/2018

John was easy to talk to & went beyond satisfaction to complete job. Thanks!

- Ray P.,Diamond Springs 3/2018

Returned all calls in timely manner. Well satisfied with job.

- Marie B.,Cameron Park 2/2018

John was Excellent

- Ralph & Donna H.,Pollock Pines 3/2018

Generator works and this week it lit up the house too. Thanks John!

- Thelia M.,Pollock Pines 3/2018

Always a pleasure to do business with you – Doug was great!!!

- Kristine W.,Pollock Pines 4/2018

Good communication with client – follow up call.

- Catherine S.,Placerville 3/2018

Thank you for great service!

- Sue & Craig R.,Placerville 3/2018

I appreciate everything about John. I also appreciate Nicole.

- Miles S.,Camino 4/2018

Good as always –

- Joan I.,Pollock Pines 3/2018

We were impressed with the professionalism and quality workmanship.

- Nona G.,Kelsey 2/2018

Bill was great! Helpful and professional

- Eileen O. ,Placerville 3/2018

Thanks for doing a good job!

- Gerry D.,Pollock Pines 3/2018

Very satisfied. I would absolutely recommend Able Electric.

- Brian D.,Placerville 4/2018

Awesome job! 🙂

- Amber Z.,Placerville 4/2018

Were you happy with quality of workmanship? Yes, did a good job
Was the price fair & reasonable? A little on the high side but good work.
Would you refer Able Electric? Yes, you were recommended by a friend/neighbor and we will use you again.

- Steve K. ,Pollock Pines 4/2018

Great service as usual – Thanks!

- Kevin F,Placerville 4/2018