Why Use A Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Licensed electrican from Able Electric checking an outlet

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Doing your own electrical work isn’t the same as painting walls or installing a shelf. Faulty wiring, improper grounding and inappropriate materials can result in fires and electric shocks. How can you ensure your family’s safety? By hiring only licensed electrical contractors. Never try to do even the simplest electrical job yourself.

A license offers assurance that the person you hire has had training and experience that qualifies him or her to work in your home or business. The risk from poor electrical work is real: According to the National Fire Protection Association website, in 2011, the latest figures available, nearly 50,000 home structure fires involved electrical failure or malfunction. These fires resulted in $1.4 billion in property damage and more than 400 deaths. The good news is, with better materials and safety practices, home fires have declined since 1980.

At Able Electric, owner Bill Wyles is a Master Electrician who has been licensed since 1984. All of our journeymen are licensed as well, meaning they each have more than four years and thousands of hours of experience and have passed a comprehensive exam that covers system evaluation and design, wiring, troubleshooting and repair, and safety. Electricians also must keep up with current practices and code changes through continuing education. Even electrical engineers must be licensed if they want to work as electricians.

To help protect your home from electrical fires, here are a few precautions you can take:

  • Check your wires and outlets and have damaged ones replaced immediately. Most electrical fires are caused by old or bad wiring or faulty electrical outlets.
  • Never overload circuits or run cords under rugs.
  • Buy only appliances that meet Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) standards.
  • Don’t ever remove or bypass the grounding prong from a three-prong plug.
  • Keep appliances away from water while they’re in use.
  • Clean your dryer lint filter after every load. Lint is flammable.

Able Electric provides first-rate licensed electricians for your business or home 24 hours a day. Call us for an appointment to discuss your needs.

Bill Wyles, Master Electrician and Licensed Contractor