Is Your Circuit Breaker Panel Doing It’s Job?

… They do their job so efficiently that most people don’t think about them, but they potentially are life and property savers.

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Yes, You Can Bring Electricity to Your Rural Homesite

A picture of a power pole with the words How You Can Bring Electricity to Your Home in the Country

Electricity can nearly always be brought in to a rural homesite, with patience and the right electrical contractor.

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Break or electrical short in the line to my well. What should I do?

Picture of a well with the words, well pump won't turn on?

If your well pump suddenly stop working, it may not be the product that’s defective. The problem may be in your underground wiring.

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Why Should I Replace my Zinsco Breaker?

If you live in a vintage home built before the mid-80’s, check your electrical panel. You may unknowingly be at risk for fire, injury or even death.

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Make Certain the Electrician You Hire is Qualified to do the Job

hire a qualified electrician

Tips on how to make sure you’re hiring a reliable, professional and qualified electrician.

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Save Money and More By Upgrading Your Lighting to LED

You might have already switched to LED Christmas lights, but now LED bulbs can take the place of CFLs for all your home lighting needs.

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When You’re Dealing with Electricity, Do-It-Yourself May Not Pay Off

As shown by the Valley Fire, doing your own electrical work is a gamble that risks fire, shocks or death and possible legal fees.

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What To Do When You See a Spark

A hand turning on a light switch with the words Is a sparking electrical switch dangerous?

A sparking or crackling electrical switch can be dangerous. Read these guidelines to learn how to handle the situation.

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How to Keep Cool and Keep Air Conditioning Costs Down

Keep air conditioning costs down

Take these steps to keep your home cooler without increasing your air conditioning bill.

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Are your Circuit Breakers Keeping Your Family Safe?

Girls playing with mobile devices charging on a power strip; electrical warning with the words, Are your circuit breakers keeping your family safe?

Learn about circuit breaker panels that cause potential problems in your home as well as safety precautions when dealing with electricity.

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