Electrical Contractors
ABLE to Do the Job

We provide comprehensive electrical services for both commercial and residential customers. With over 25 years experience and the most up-to-date equipment in El Dorado County, Able Electric is the answer to your electrical needs.

Underground Wire
ABLE To Find Underground Lines

Do you have an electrical repair that's hiding underground? Not sure how to locate it without digging up all your property? Maybe you're getting ready to excavate for new construction or add a sprinkler line. Whether it’s phone, TV cable or electrical wiring we are able to locate your utilities up to a depth of 10 feet.

What our clients are saying…

Brenda C.

Replaced upper and lower elements for hot water heater. 03/2016
Sue was up front about what she did and did not know. She got answers and called me right back. And Sue
was pleasant to talk to also!

Brenda C.
Diamond Springs